College Storage Units in Florida and Massachusetts

Moving away from campus for the summer can be stressful. What do you do with all your stuff? It can be as easy as asking your phone to search “storage units near me” and you can find a storage unit to house your belongings until you return for the next semester.

Common Reasons to Get a Storage Unit

Furniture, seasonal clothes, books, and other possessions are perfect for a storage unit right near your college, either when you’re away for a couple months or you just need more space for you and a roommate.

There are three common occasions or situations in which college students like to rent storage units:

  • Summer vacation: If your hometown is far away and you’re going home for the summer, it’s convenient to leave your stuff in a storage unit for the summer.
  • Storing seasonal items: In a cramped dorm room, you might want to get your skis, coats, and other winter gear out of the way and into storage when it warms up—and the same for your summer things during the winter.
  • Traveling or interning: You might need to leave college for a bit while you take advantage of a travel opportunity or an internship, and it could be easiest to leave many of your things in storage while you’re gone.

Storage Units Can Make Life Better

It can be hard to move your stuff a long distance every summer! Imagine how much easier a storage unit could make it:

  • Storage unit prices: It can get costly to move large items in a moving truck every single summer and renting a storage unit by the month can be comparably priced or cheaper.
  • Time and convenience: You could save a lot of time moving your large items quickly to a nearby storage unit instead of across the state or country twice per summer.
  • Protection: We offer you a protection plan that covers your possessions against losses.

Contact Value Store It to find out more about our storage for college or our other storage solutions.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

If you just have a TV, bookcase, bed, chair, desk, and some boxes, you could use one of our smallest college storage units. Your unit size options, all in feet, can include:

  • 4×4 storage unit
  • 4×6 storage unit
  • 5×5 storage unit
  • 5×10 storage unit

Of course, we have much larger units, but we’ve found that these closet-sized spaces are perfect for many college students. (And small storage units are cheap storage units.) By the way, you can rent them by the month, instead of signing a long-term lease.

These units also feature climate control to protect your electronics, clothes, books, and furniture from humidity while you’re away. Plus, they have convenient high ceilings, allowing storage of more items, which you can stack up. You may be able to turn a bed or couch on its side and take advantage of that ceiling.

College Storage Facility in Florida and Massachusetts

If you’re going abroad or doing an internship for a semester, you need a secure spot to store your belongings. At Value Store It, you can rent the storage space you need today at an affordable price. Value Store It locations in Florida and Massachusetts offer college storage solutions to fit all your storage needs, whether you are storing spare furniture or personal items. VIEW AVAILABLE UNITS

College Storage Unit Tips

  • Reserve a storage unit in advance, particularly if you’re looking for short-term storage during peak season (April – September).
  • Pick the right-sized unit. Use this Interactive Size Guide.
  • Make sure you aren’t signing a long-term contract (Value Store It offers month-to-month rentals).
  • Label boxes well so you can easily find things when you need them.
  • Vehicle storage is available at many of our locations.
  • Don’t store food or other perishables in a self-storage unit, as these items will be damaged and they attract pests. Indoor wine storage and cold-storage units are available for these items at our Pompano Beach location.

Why Value Store It?

Value Store It keeps your belongings secure with state-of-the-art security. We’re open 7 days a week with extended access hours even when the office isn’t open for your convenience.

If you’re a student in Miami and need to leave college for an extended break, an internship, or a travel opportunity, contact Value Store It today to ask about college storage units in Miami, or surf our available units and locations online.