Climate-controlled Storage

Climate-Controlled Storage Facility in FL and MA

Do you need climate-controlled self-storage? If you’re storing items that can be damaged by heat, cold, or moisture, you need climate-controlled storage. A climate-controlled storage unit gives you premium indoor storage space. It is kept to a constant temperature and humidity level. This type of storage unit is highly desirable and distinct from a traditional self-storage unit (which is like a safe and protected garage, but is unheated and un-air-conditioned).

Climate-controlled storage is designed to protect your belongings or business inventory in the best way possible by minimizing the effects that temperature changes and humidity extremes can have upon your belongings. Climate-controlled storage is extremely popular and often preferred over other types of self-storage. It is a good choice for items that can be damaged easily or for things you are keeping in storage for a long period of time. At Value Store It, we have the most affordable climate-controlled storage available in Florida and Massachusetts.

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Items requiring climate-controlled storage

  • Books and photographs
  • Valuable vintage clothing
  • Antiques
  • 3D Art and sculptures made out of delicate materials (paper, unglazed clay, etc.)
  • Wine (specialized wine storage lockers are available at our Pompano Beach location)
  • Non-perishable foods and drinks
  • Certain business inventory items
  • Textiles (including fabric-covered couches, draperies, and fine linens) that will be in storage for more than 3 months

In humid climates, anything that is stored long-term (more than a year) will be more protected in climate-controlled storage than it will be in standard storage. This is because changes in humidity and temperature are very damaging to items in storage.

At Value Store It in Florida and Massachusetts, you can reserve climate-controlled storage solutions to fit all your storage needs. Whether you need storage for business or personal use, we’ve got the right sized unit to fit your needs. Click here to reserve a unit today.