Storage, Moving & Packing Supplies to Make Your Move Easy

Moving should be an adventure, not a chore. At Value Store It, we want your experience to be seamless and efficient, that’s why we offer all the supplies you need for your next move. Who would have thought moving could be this easy and stress free?

Whether you are packing things up for the holidays or moving to a new home, we’ve got supplies you need, along with short-term and long-term storage solutions to keep those newly packed belongings safe and secure.

Are you moving business items to storage or another location? We’ve got you covered. From large boxes to packing materials and moving supplies, we have it all.

Storage Boxes and Moving Boxes

Scrounging for boxes to fit all your belongings is an adventure in itself. Trying to stack all those mismatched boxes at moving time requires masterful Tetris-like skills. When you’re buying moving supplies, put boxes at the top of your list.

All of our boxes are designed specifically for heavy handling and stacking. Corrugated, crush-resistant boxes in uniform design protect your belonging and make stacking and loading during a move easier than ever. Each Value Store It location offers a full line of boxes including those specially designed for wardrobes, dish packing, pictures, and glassware, along with conventional small, medium and large moving boxes.

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Packing Tape

What moving supplies list would be complete without a tape? It’s the one thing that keeps your belongings from ending up on the ground when you start moving boxes. Secure your belongings with quality tape designed specifically for moving.

All tape products we carry are non- allergenic, UV resistant,  and hot and cold resistant. We carry clear, fragile, and paper tapes among others.

Wrapping Materials

Keep your belongings safe during your next move by adding premium wrapping materials to your list of moving supplies. We carry foam wraps, peanut filling, paper pads, and various types of bubble wrap. As an added bonus, you can slip into a quiet room and squeeze the bubble wrap for that satisfying ‘snap’ to relieve some of the stresses of moving day.

Furniture Covers

While you’re moving your belongings from point A to point B you’ve got to cover some dirty ground. It’s frustrating to discover dirt and grease smears on furniture and fabrics after a move. Our furniture covers are clear and micron textured, so they safely protect your sofa, chairs, mattresses, tables, pictures, rugs, and more.


Every list of moving supplies should include a quality lock. Whether used for your moving truck, storage pods, or a self-storage unit, we provide premium anti-pick stainless steel locks from the best suppliers in the industry to give you peace of mind.

Not sure what kind of moving supplies you need? Check out our self storage tips or Contact us today to speak with an experienced representative.

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