Our best self storage tips

Looking to rent a storage unit for the big moving day? Before you pack everything into the moving truck and split your goods between your new location and your storage unit, keep these moving and self storage tips in mind. With the right planning, your move will be more efficient – ultimately saving you a lot of time.
If you’ve got friends helping you, they’ll certainly appreciate knocking a few hours off a day of heavy lifting, and your back will thank you for it too!

Getting a rental truck

Like many things, moving tends to happen on a seasonal basis. People plan moves around holidays, summer time, and kids being free from school. If you’re in need of a rental truck to move your belongings (trucks are available at all Value Store It facilities) make sure you reserve it a few weeks in advance – otherwise you might have a hard time finding an available moving truck.

Buy the right boxes

It might be tempting to get large boxes so there’s less to move, but big boxes get heavy when you fill them up. Bottoms of boxes can break open, you could injure yourself while moving them, and they can take up a lot more space in an awkward way when you consider a smaller storage space for rent.

Your best bet is to buy smaller boxes. These are easier to lift, stack, and to move with a dolly. There might be more boxes to move but you won’t wear yourself out as quickly and they’ll fit snugly together inside your storage unit.

Use storage for rent strategically

When you place your items in storage, think “up” before you think “full”. Stack your belongings upward as opposed to putting everything low to the ground. Just remember that when you’re stacking, never stack higher than you can reach with your arms extended and feet flat on the ground.

Use the right tape

This is a critical self storage tip; the wrong tape can make boxes break open. For heavier boxes, traditional packing tape can stretch and break. Instead use durable paper tape for heavy boxes.

Save your back

Reserve a dolly for moving day when you reserve the truck. A dolly will always cut your moving time in half and you’ll save your back from the ache of hauling one or two boxes at a time.

Lift properly

Get the boxes from the ground to the dolly with the right technique. It adds just a few extra minutes to your day to bend at the knees, squat, grab the box, lift with your knees, and walk to the dolly. Never lift with your back, and don’t twist or pivot & reach/bend at the back while carrying boxes.

Stay protected

Ask us about our protection plan when choosing your storage for rent. We now offer limited protection on personal belongings stored in our facilities. Our plan assumes responsibility for your belongings with much better terms and conditions than a typical homeowner’s policy or expensive self storage tenant insurance products.

Find the perfect storage for rent – reserve a storage unit online today at any of our FL or MA locations.