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Reviews for Miami Florida

james maysReviewed on January 27, 2017I m a customer here is have the most delightful experience it's very comfortable safe and close to my home.
Tracey HagenReviewed on April 6, 2015Today I was pleasantly surprised with my experience at Value Store it! I am very happy with my XL space and friendly customer service. I highly recommend Value Store it to anyone in Miami Dade who is in need of storage! It was a 20 minute drive to South Beach. S worth it to pay half the price than other storage facilities charge on Miami Beach. I am Super Happy with my storage space! Thank you Value Store it!
Nora NaatzReviewed on September 24, 2014My storage is located close to i95 and is quiet far from my home. I chose this storage as it was the cheapest, air conditioned storage I could find. I've been renting from this place the past 4 years. Here the perks: 1. Conveniently located off i95 2. 24h access 3. air conditioned and pest controlled (only insects I've seen were dead. You can't prevent them to be brought in by the tenants) 4. all units are ground level 5. Manager Russel is very nice, so is the rest of the staff The negative points: 1. Rent is getting increased every 6 months and the increase is not just a couple of dollars. It's a considerable amount. 2. The storage has been under contruction for a couple of months as they were building drive up units on the parking space around it. During that time there was dust & dirt everywhere and it was hard to get to the door. The gates were open during the day due to the construction and even the doors were open. At least when I visited. Couldn't drive up to the door and had to carry my stuff as rolling wasn't possible either with the gravel on the parking lot. Despite the fact that the construction was going on the storage rent kept on going up instead of giving us a break. I really like this place and wish it would stay affordable but I will cance my contract in the near future if it continues to go up in rent. BTW: wrote this review for the $5 discount that was offered. Let's see if I will get it...
Gladiest HenryReviewed on September 23, 2014Location is Convenient, friendly, accessible. I am very satisfied with the facility. Pricing is VERY reasonable, I have recommended family, friends as well as my patients to this facility. And it is close to my home. Thank You Value Store!!!!
Linda NellicliffReviewed on September 24, 2015Thanks Russell for your professional help You took time to help me out doing difficulties..never forget that.11yrs value U customers...thanks guys

Reviews for North Miami Beach

Kine WorldReviewed on May 28, 2016I'm usually not the type that would write a review but after receiving such great customer service, I wanted to share with others. I wasn't expecting such a high level of professionalism. The staff was kind, polite but more importantly they were extremely helpful. The staff took the time to clear up any billing confusion by explaining the monthly charges (and any future expenses). There are some excellent people working there and they are waiting to show you how great they are
Nicole MendezReviewed on June 1, 2016Super clean facility and amazing service! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Wish I had found them sooner. Lourdes was so helpful and patient. She showed me different units and in the end helped me save even more money! Thanks again guys!
judette augustinReviewed on April 22, 2016At value storage it at NMB the Manager is very nice, helpfulness. Lourdes and her co-worker Albert kept the storage up to date. They are always smiling ,offering the best price to the customers We are and the good hands .
Jose SanchezReviewed on May 11, 2016Very,very profiessional, and very courtous. I was lost till i met Lourdes Melendez, she showed me the unit and explained how to get in and out of the storage unit,and most importantly she saved me a lot of money with no hassles..THANK YOU LOURDES!!
Kc AdlerReviewed on January 1, 2017Great site and helpful staff.

Reviews for Virginia Gardens

Norma PerryReviewed on February 14, 2017This facility is the cleaness you can every imagine, the staff is always very helpful, and will go out of there way to help you..I have been a loyeal customer for a few years now, if you need to store things, this is the place. Its secure ..
Ariel MenendezReviewed on July 28, 2016I had been a client for over 6 years now and the personnel are super friendly and helpful starting for Alex the store manager. Extremely clean , well maintained facility and easy access from anywhere in Miami. Before I rented here I visited several other places and this one it's the nicest by far. The only down is that Parking could be challenging some times specially if tenants are moving in or out, but it's not a deal breaker. Only one advice to the owner(s) please stop raising the prices !!!!
Larry VottaReviewed on March 19, 2016Very, very clean. Easy to access. Well informed staff and friendly. I feel very safe when I am there. And did I mention how VERY HELPFUL the staff really is? Well they go beyond doing their jobs, and they do it a smile. They make you feel special.
Scott LeeReviewed on June 17, 2016Customer service here is awesome. The place is very clean and secure. Rented here for about a year and highly recommend.
Henry GomezReviewed on July 13, 2016Spent 8 years with them. Have just one complaint.......kept raising prices. Staff was great though.

Reviews for Miami Lakes

Boss- JackbauerReviewed on October 13, 2016Beware to any customer when they are done using the services at this particular Value Store it self Storage location, you may get charge even when you are no longer using the facility for that month. I called the last week of September to let them know that at the beginning of next month (October), I no longer will be needing the storage unit. By October 3 my unit was empty, on October 7 at 5:06pm I get a phonecall ( went to voicemail) from a lady asking; why was my unit empty? Since I spoke to someone last month to let them know that i will no longer be needing their services comes the beginning of next month, i was a little confuse by the voicemail, so I called back spoke to a nice gentleman at 2:43pm that told me that the person I need to talk to Assistant Manager Carolyn was gone for the day to call tomorrow. So I did just that, spoke to Carolyn the next day, explained the situation to her, and she told me that what i should had done was to sent a letter in writing letting them know that i no longer will be needing their services, or to do pro-rated charge. I explained to her that I'm a out-of-state truck driver, and I don't have access to a fax while i'm on the road. Also I restrain myself from using data on the road because of roam charges on rural areas. I asked her what is the pro-rated charge she mentioned, since i'm not aware of it. She nicely explained that the pro-rated charge is; if someone needs an extra couple of days to empty the unit a charge of $10 will be made for those couple of days. I told her that the person I spoke to on September, made no mention of the pro-rated charge at all, because knowing so I would have done that in a heartbeat since i rather pay $10 for a couple of days instead of $93 for a whole month that i wasn't going to use the storage unit. I asked her to please give me a refund for the month of October and charge me just the pro-rated charge of $10. She said; she had to call her Area Manager Adel Ramirez and she will get back to me. She called me back a few minutes later and told me that her Area Manager said to only charge me half the $93. To that i said no, I told her it's not fair that because i was not inform by the person i spoke to on September about the pro-rated charge, that now I'm the one being penalize for it. I insisted on her calling the Area Manager Adel Ramirez again and explain to him how I felt about the unfairness of the situation. Within a few minutes she called me back and told me that her manager stance on the situation remained the same. I said to her that now I have no choice but to call my bank and open a claim to get my money back, that I rather get to a fair agreement with you guys, but the unjust decision of Management will lead to my bank refunding me the money and Value Store It Self Storage getting nothing. Wouldn't you rather have a happy customer (and possible return customer since because of my job I use the storage unit 2-3 times a year, not particular this location but you guys had a unit of the size i was looking for and are close to my house), a positive review, and some money ( pro-rate charge) in the bank, than a displeased customer, a negative review, and no money. It makes no business sense such decision. As of Thursday October 13, 3:35 pm, I've spoken to my bank, gotten a refund while the claim is in investigation status for the next 90 days. If somebody cares at all, I'll be more than happy to talk to someone with some common sense, get to an agreement and I'll be more than happy to call my bank, remove the claim as well as this negative review. My Storage unit#: 2125
Mercedes GonzalezReviewed on May 1, 2016We would like to thank Chris for being so helpful and patient with us in choosing the right storage unit. He was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We loved the place, very clean, hours accessible are very convenient and lots of perks. Thank you!
fercito lvReviewed on February 5, 2017best prices, convenient, clean and great customer services, highly recommend
Jose GrullonReviewed on November 15, 2016Great staff, super clean facilities , very convenient and close to expressway.
Manuela VictorReviewed on August 28, 2015My family and I are moving I read all the reviews online about Value Store it and sometimes you need to see first hand if what people are saying is true. Well they were right from just the initial visit to see how the facility was Lourdes was awesome. She gave us a walk through of the site, and was able to assist us in selecting the correct size unit for our precious valuables. Customer service great, and professionalism was on point. Thank you Lourdes.

Reviews for Doral

Al SanchezReviewed on March 4, 2017Great Service, Héctor and the team at the value store are amazing. We are really happy here.
Doris FiallosReviewed on May 27, 2016I love this storage in regards to storing your values. However, it's very difficult to find a dolly to carry your heavy stuff. You have to go in with your driver's license to get a key so that, you can get a dolly and when you're done, you have to go back and return it. If you're a forgetful person, it might be best to buy one and keep it in your car --- this is if, you're going to the storage more frequently. Other than that, the staff us overall very nice and attentive. Thank you!
Laura GonzalezReviewed on April 14, 2016Its a good place to maintain my things clean and safe. Excelent customer service all the time.
Hector ramalloReviewed on January 31, 2015Excellent place and excellent customer service. No hidden cost, they tell you all the costs upfront and help you to reduce the Insurance cost (very honest and professional). Also have extended hours access which is very convenience. Overall the best I have found in Doral.
Wilson VallecilloReviewed on February 14, 2016Great value for the storage units. Own one 10x30 here.

Reviews for Pompano Beach

Jen WhitestoneReviewed on March 9, 2017As far as storage units go, they're fair and do their best. As with all storage units don't fall behind because the late fees are accrue at an ever increasing rate. On the other hand, the staff is very friendly and helpful, (especially Mark, who always seems to be working the front desk). The loading docks are extremely convenient. The facility is always clean and comfortable. Also, at the time that I moved in, they had a wonderful deal on moving trucks.
Gordon LincolnReviewed on December 4, 2016With recent changes to management of this business I have found that they do not treat their customers as well and make it very difficult to pay your bill by restricting payment options, but only under certain conditions, such as late payment. They also do not provide consistent information regarding policy which only adds to the frustrations. Overall the facilities themselves are generally clean and well maintained.
Susan/James PhilliisReviewed on December 4, 2016Very helpful people and caring. Very clean and organized facility.
Citlaly TorresReviewed on January 23, 2017Great customer service, the staff is very kind and helpful
Bianca WilliamsReviewed on November 5, 2016Very clean! Great help!

Reviews for North Lauderdale

Galena MosovichReviewed on November 3, 2016After a horrible moving experience, it was a relief to arrive at the North Lauderdale Value Store It with all of my belongings. They were extremely helpful, professional and kind. My mom has stored things at this location her positive experience made me feel comfortable enough to do the same. The facility is extremely clean, cool and safe. I highly recommend.
Mohamed AboseadaReviewed on November 29, 2016Good staff will do everything to help
Linda BrownReviewed on November 13, 2016Always clean, easy access to unit. Staff ok.
Cindy cadetReviewed on November 27, 2016Safe and clean place to store your things
Steve BurdickReviewed on May 10, 2016I have had my unit for 10 years now. Very friendly staff. Temperature is always consistent and cool. Good security system.

Reviews for Fort Lauderdale

Sam ShefflerReviewed on November 22, 2016I do like the dimensions of my storage space - opening wide like a garage, but not that deep. HOWEVER, rent seems to go up every 6-9 months and access is not 24 hours.
Elizabeth GonzalezReviewed on February 25, 2016Just moving to the area and stopped in to check on prices of units. Must admit was very pleased with customer service provided by Miguel. Very courteous, the location is immaculately clean and very well organized. Amazing staff and everything was explained in great detail.
Merrie MeyersReviewed on January 22, 2016When I was looking for storage facilities, I checked out lots of places. Some were inconvenient, but affordable, some were really close to where I live but either too pricey, or not up to my expectation for "clean." Value Store-It is both, close and clean, and best, affordably priced. Everyone on staff is very nice. Love this place!
Darren WilliamsReviewed on January 24, 2016The facilities are awesome, staff are very helpful. My only issue is that the rates keep increasing by leaps and bounds. My rate started at $195 monthly and in less than 2 years has almost doubled to $359. Unbelievable!!!!
C SpenceReviewed on February 1, 2014I started out with this storage facility when it was Sunrise Storage and now it's Value Store It. Lance was the icing on the cake that had me choose this location over other storage facilities. Friendly, understanding, people person, knowledgeable, problem solver and over the top customer service you'd think he got paid commission for every visit :-) and I love that... no one likes being a number. And Krista was always there to assist me to put my mind at easy if Lance was not available, two ideal coworkers that complimented each others. PERFECT Now called Value Store It, Lance no longer is there :-( Krista is my full time go to person. She is so awesome makes it hard to want to talk to anyone else if she is not available, seriously! I hope she is the one that gets to hire who works there to keep that atmosphere. Unfortunately with the new management comes changes that I don't agree with since I never agreed to those terms when I moved in before the new management. Too much restrictions on what and how fast employees can make a decision to keep good customers in good standing and happy. (Parent company should pay attention to this) If not for service the policies brought in by the new management would have me gladly move to another facility that don't have these in place. Yes they have everything, all the amenities, temperature control environment, CLEAN ALWAYS, Security, Elevator, convenient online payment yet I rather call in to pay, free truck, hand trucks, boxes and all your package supplies... all there. But go there for the great customer service :-) Ask for Krista tell her Craig sent you.

Reviews for Space Plus Self Storage

Space Plus Self StorageReviewed on January 30, 2017This storage facility is spotless. Kind and friendly staff. Love the Mom and Pop feel and customer service. I would recommend this place to everyone in need of storage.
Chad KovacReviewed on August 8, 2016Climate controlled. Clean and inviting. Strange "hidden" location.
Jeff PearceReviewed on January 16, 2017Easy access
Donald LockettReviewed on August 29, 2016great place
Lola VReviewed on April 11, 2016