Document Management & Storage in Pompano Beach, Florida

Document Storage in Pompano Beach, Florida

Are your office cabinets overflowing with hard copies of client files? Do you have messy photo archives or shelves full of boxes with past records you are required to keep, taking up valuable office space? At Value Store It’s Pompano Beach, Florida location, we offer hardcopy document storage in climate-controlled document storage units. Free up space in your office while remaining compliant with industry document storage requirements with our secure document storage options. Value Store It also offers digital services to convert your paper files to digital files, giving you access to everything digitally and safe storage for the originals. Give our office a call to find out how we can help change the way your office manages document storage.

Comprehensive Document Management & Secure Document Storage in Pompano Beach, Florida

As your business grows and changes, your information management needs to change as well. Without an effective way to manage your growing volume of paper and electronic information, your business is facing higher costs, lower productivity, and increased compliance risk. With Value Store It’s Document Management Solutions in Pompano Beach, Florida, we can help you develop and manage a secure, fully integrated document management program that lowers your costs, giving you faster access to the documents your organization needs to be productive.

With our advanced record management software, we make it easy to manage all records.

  • Document scanning and storage help digitize your workflow and make the transition from paper to electronic records easier than ever.
  • Secure document storage for paper-based documents frees up space at your business while offering safe, secure, and easy access to all your documents.

Document and Storage Solutions

Value Store It provides secure document storage, indexing, and record archiving in a state-of-the-art facility. Our facility meets the strictest measures of security, fire prevention, and surveillance. So, you can rest assured that your documents will be secure.

Some of the items Value Store It can pick up, store, retrieve, and deliver for you include:

  • Single-page documents in highly active files (e.g., customer contracts or medical files)
  • Internal records (e.g., personnel information)
  • Regulated files (e.g., legal documentation)
  • Archived files and/or cartons
  • Proprietary assets such as patented materials
  • Digital records (most media types/formats)
  • Film and Sound materials
  • Architectural drawings and blueprints
  • Product samples and/or prototypes

For customers seeking compliance and space-saving solutions, Value Store It offers full-service offsite secure document storage.

Our services include:

  • Convenient, cost-effective storage for newly created documents
  • Sophisticated services for paper-based documents with low retrieval needs
  • Fast, efficient document scanning and storage (paper to electronic transitions)
  • Best practices for document security, access, and compliance

When you partner with Value Store It for your document storage needs, you’ll benefit from a single-vendor approach, with customized secure document management and storage solutions that accelerate your business productivity, improve decision making organization-wide, and make compliance more achievable.

Contact us today to learn how we can make your workflow more efficient while freeing up your workspace with our secure document storage.

Document Retrieval


Value Store It offers a range of services to ensure your information is well-protected yet securely available when you need it
Secure Destruction

Secure Destruction

As your trusted partner, Value Store It takes a consultative approach to assist you in custom-tailoring a secure document destruction program for your organization
Digitizing Services

Digitizing Services

Value Store It will streamline your organization's ability to store, access and manage documents, while cutting costs and stress.