Car Storage

Car Storage Facilities in Florida and Massachusetts

Owning a car has become vital to existing in our modern world. Cars offer so much more than just transportation these days. For many, they are a source of income. For others, a crowning jewel to an amazing collection or long sought-after dream car. Unfortunately, parking can be scarce, especially for people who are living in big cities. This can make car ownership a bit trickier. If you are finding yourself a little short on parking spaces or needing to store your vehicle for a period of time, Value Store It car storage is the answer. Don’t let limited parking or the end of the semester curtail your freedom to owning the automobile or automobiles of your choice. Car storage comes in handy for extra vehicles you don’t use daily, vintage automobiles needing a little extra protection from the elements, or a place to store your vehicle if you are traveling out of state for an extended period. Know that your car will be ready when you need it with Value Store It car storage.

How it works:

Our Value Store It storage facilities are managed by a team of trained storage professionals. Their knowledge of the storage industry and the local area make them a reliable source for any of your questions. Even if you just need a recommendation for a local mechanic, our staff is here for you.

  • You can select from covered or uncovered car storage spots (depending on availability)
  • You will have access to the car storage lot 7 days a week from dawn until dark, with 24/7 access in most locations
  • State-of-the-art digital security at every location
  • You pay a monthly fee and can cancel at any time

Why Choose Value Store It for Long-Term Parking?

At Value Store It, we hear stories every day about college students coming home from a long trip and finding that their vehicle has been impounded because it was parked illegally on the street or unattended in a public lot. Why take the chance with unsecured parking? Make the smart, secure, and responsible choice by keeping your vehicle at a car storage lot at Value Store It.

Car Storage Locations

Value Store It offers car storage at the following locations:

We make storing your car convenient and secure. No matter your car storage needs, Value Store It is here for you. Give us a call today to find out how we can help with your car storage needs!