Self Storage Solutions in Florida and Massachusetts

At Value Store It Self Storage we provide secure, clean storage space for all your extra “stuff”. Whether it’s personal belongings taking over your home, documents from your business, college furniture to store for the summer, or specialty items, we specialize in freeing up your space by providing secure storage space that is affordable and convenient. We offer:

  • Month to month storage
  • Highly dependable security
  • Convenient drive-up units
  • Extended hours for access seven days a week between 6am and 10pm
  • Clean, secure units
  • Value Protection Plan—Starting at just $10 per month
  • Locations in Florida and Massachusetts

Got too much stuff? We can take it off your hands with a safe, affordable, and convenient self-storage solution.

Personal Storage

We offer affordable climate-controlled personal storage units, in a number of convenient locations throughout Florida and Massachusetts. If you aren’t sure how much space you need, we offer an easy-to-use Interactive Storage Size Guide that allows you to quickly calculate the ideal space with a selection of storage units ranging from 25 square feet to 300 square feet. Our indoor units are available with climate control to protect your belongings from issues such as mold, contracting, and swelling that can lead to damage. Our outdoor space is ideal for vehicle and RV storage in a highly secure parking area with state-of-the-art surveillance.

College Storage

If you are a college student in Florida or Massachusetts in need of temporary storage, we make it easy with our affordable month-to-month storage units. Whether you are on summer vacation, don’t have enough space in your dorm for your seasonal items, or are traveling or interning, you can find worry-free storage for all your stuff on terms that are both convenient and affordable. Our climate-controlled units ensure all your furniture, seasonal clothes, books, and other possessions are protected and ready to pick up when you need them.

Instead of hauling your stuff home every summer, you can keep it close to your college and have it picked up and moved when you return in the fall. Nothing could be easier – or cheaper! Our secure facilities are designed to protect your belongings so they’re waiting for you when you get back.

Business Storage

When your business is growing your commercial space might not be able to keep up. You can store excess inventory, office equipment, and other business items in a secure Value Store It self-storage unit, so you have space to run your business without spending more money on rent. Our storage units are available in several sizes allowing you to scale up or down as required. You have an easy month-to-month rental so you can easily make changes as your needs change. You choose the features to suit your needs whether it is climate-control, indoor, outdoor, or drive-up units. We offer the business storage unit ideal for your business.

Whether it is a safe, dry space for documents, a highly secure drive-up unit for your expensive construction equipment or storage for growing inventory, we have business storage solutions that are convenient and affordable. We also offer an affordable Value Protection Plan starting at just $10 a month so you know your goods are protected. Value Store It even offers a document management service so you can easily convert your paper into digital files for even easier access, security, and storage. If you have a business storage need, we have a business storage solution.

RV Storage

If you spend part of your year out on the open road, you can find the ideal RV Storage solution at Value Store It. You can trust our team and site to offer safe, convenient RV storage specifically designed to accommodate your trailer or motorhome. You’ll feel safer knowing your RV is in a secure area. We have first-class security using leading-edge technology in hand with convenient access to your RV seven days a week. Our RV storage is affordable and available from 8 x 15 feet to 12 x 52 feet to accommodate Classes A, B, and C RVs. You can depend on our team to keep your home away from home safe until you’re ready to head out on your next journey. We can also store your campers, trailers, boats, and other types of recreational vehicles with 24/7 digital surveillance you can trust at any of our seven Florida locations – including Miami, Virginia Gardens, Doral, Pompano Beach, North Lauderdale, Cutler Bay, Pompano Beach II, and West Palm Beach.

Wine Storage

Whether you are a wine collector, winemaker, wine distributor or restaurant, we offer a secure climate-controlled unit designed specifically for your wines. The flavor of your wine will be maintained thanks to a constant temperature and the optimal humidity level. Your collection will be kept secure in our wine cellar with a state-of-the-art refrigeration and humidity control system. Our redundant sensors ensure proper temperatures of 50-55ºF and humidity levels of 60-70% so there is no fear of mold and mildew or drying corks.

We ensure the integrity of your wine by providing the ideal conditions for superior aging. We’ve even accounted for lighting that can break down the complex molecules during the aging process. We’ve installed motion-activated lighting to minimize light exposure to help enhance the quality of your wine. Value Store It never compromises the quality of your wine collection and also ensures it is well protected from would-be thieves who understand the value of fine wines. We offer 24/7 video surveillance and access is only permitted to wine storage customers at our wine storage facilities in Boston and Florida.

Document Storage

At Value Store It, we understand the challenges of transitioning from hard documents to digital. The job to scan and save countless documents and images can take months to complete. However, we can quickly and safely handle all of your document storage needs whether it is to provide space for your overflowing filing cabinets, or to help you make the transition to digital document storage. We offer a comprehensive digital and hardcopy document storage solution.

Your hard copies are then kept in a secure, climate-controlled storage unit should you still need them. We assist in growing your business offering easy conversion services from paper to digital. We do so at affordable rates without fear of compliance risks for any given industry. Your processes become more streamlined with access to an integrated document management system, saving money and improving productivity. We ensure best practices for document security, access, and compliance.

Find the perfect storage solution for your needs.