How To Downsize Your Home Before a Move in Ocoee FL

After thinking about it for some time, you have decided to sell your too-big-for-your-needs home and buy a smaller place.

Whether moving from another city or just around the corner, you are excited to downsize into a cozier abode in Ocoee, Florida.

To make the process of downsizing before your move as stress-free as possible, please keep the following tips in mind:

Sort Your Stuff in Three Steps

Since you are moving into a smaller home, you simply won’t have the space for every single thing that you own—and that’s okay! You have probably accumulated plenty of things that are tucked away in closets or boxes in the garage. Before you start packing, we recommend using a three-step process. First, set a timeline for the sorting project and give yourself a firm deadline. Next, create a sorting system for your things—for instance, in each room, create Keep, Donate and Toss boxes and, as you go through everything, decide what goes in which box. Finally, after you fill each Donate and Toss box, take them to a local charity and the trash bin, respectively, so you’ll only be left with the items you want to take with you.

Rehome Sentimental Items

As you start sorting through your things, you will probably come across some sentimental items that you know you won’t have room for in your new home but are hesitant to give away or toss. For these prized possessions, try reaching out to family and friends to see if anyone wants them. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn one of your adult kids always loved Great Aunt Bertha’s antique armoire and would love to have it in their home. If you still have items left, you could try selling them and putting the money in savings.

Measure Your New Space

You probably know the overall square footage of your new smaller home, but do you know the dimensions of your new living room? Prior to moving in, go to your new place and spend some time carefully measuring each space; this way, you can rest assured that your favorite comfy couch will definitely fit. Or you may find out that you need to rehome it and treat yourself to some new furniture. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new place with a truckload of belongings, only to find that something will not fit through a door or in a room.

Maximize Your Storage Space in Your New Place

Your smaller home may not have the same designated storage areas as your larger house. If you won’t have a basement, two-car garage, or entryway closet like you did before, you can still find places for your things by maximizing the storage you do have. For instance, treat yourself to some multifunctional furniture that doubles as storage, like ottomans with removable tops, bookshelves, and flat storage boxes on wheels that slide under a bed. In the bathroom, you can add a shelving unit over the toilet, and use the open wall space throughout the home for floating shelves for displaying photos and other items.

Consider a Storage Unit in Ocoee, Florida

Sometimes even the most determined downsizer will still have things they cannot store in their smaller new home. If this is the case for you, consider renting a self-storage unit that will act as the garage or attic you no longer have.

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