5 Ways to Organize Your Home This Summer

When the weather warms up, it’s a great time to clean out your home and garage. After you’ve finished sorting through your unwanted items, you can always host a garage sale. To organize your home this summer, use the following simple tips.

1. Mudroom

While it might be called your mudroom, it doesn’t have to be muddy and messy all the time. Mudrooms stay busy in the summertime, so you should take some time to organize this space. You can start by getting cubbies for hats and handbags.

A storage system should include bench seating, shoe shelves, and baskets for gloves. Other than a coat rack and umbrella holder, you can also invest in hooks for backpacks. Scarves, gloves, and smaller items can go into drawers.

2. Games and Crafts

Your crafts and games can easily become messy, so it’s important to set up an organizational system. Wall-unit storage is perfect for storing games and crafting materials. Plus, you can use drawer inserts to separate different material types in a neat and tidy way.

3. Kids’ Rooms

When it comes to learning how to effectively organize your home, kids’ rooms are one of the most challenging spaces to keep clean. Once kids are out for the summer, they are home more and can end up destroying their rooms on an hourly basis. To make organizing their rooms easier, start by getting them to donate or throw away items they don’t want anymore.

Next, consider getting cubbies and a toy chest to store all of their toys, books, and clothes. In the closet, a closet system with shelves will help you easily organize shoes and clothes. Slide-out baskets can also be used for toys, games, and sporting equipment.

4. Kitchen

If you want to organize your home, spend some time in the kitchen. Each year, you can go through all your food items and toss out expired food. You can also donate any unneeded items.

Afterward, clean out your cupboards. Organizational tools, like baskets and drawer dividers, can help you separate smaller items. If you have the space, you can also purchase a kitchen island with wheels for extra storage.

5. Garage

When someone doesn’t know where to put an item, they often throw it into the garage. Because of this, garages tend to get extremely messy. To start organizing your garage, you should first donate, throw away, or recycle the things you don’t want.

Then, you should invest in some vertical and horizontal shelving systems. Hooks on the wall are great for conveniently storing bikes, tools, and flat items. Meanwhile, large totes can protect your belongings from moisture.

Start Organizing Your Home

To organize your home as easily as possible, you can use a personal storage unit for storing old items and decluttering. It can also help you save items for the future. For more information about storage units in your area, check out Value Store It’s unit options today.