Top Packing & Storage Tips to Make Your Summer Move to Cutler Bay Easier

Known for its beautiful beaches at Saga Lake Park and Lakes by the Bay Park, Cutler Bay is home to an ancient coral formation called Cutler Ridge. Before you move to Cutler Bay and enjoy the area’s gorgeous vistas, take some time to read through the best packing and storage tips to make your future move as easy as possible.

6 Tips for Packing & Storage When Moving to Cutler Bay

Getting ready for any move can be an undertaking. Consider utilizing these packing and storage tips to make your move to Cutler Bay as seamless as possible.

1. Put Similar Items Together

By putting similar items in the same boxes, you make it easier to find your belongings in the future. The last thing you want to do is spend all night searching through a dozen boxes to find your silverware.

2. Label Your Belongings

Instead of simply throwing random items into boxes, take some time to organize and label everything. In addition to helping you locate specific items; this step will also make it easier to decide where you should set each box in your home.

3. Load Heavy Items First

Ideally, you should load heavy items on the moving truck first because this allows you to balance the weight better. Additionally, you’ll have an easier time unloading heavy items because all of the light boxes will be removed from the moving truck first.

4. Think Vertically

If you decide to put some items in storage during this transition or because you are moving to a smaller home, one of the best storage tips is to use your vertical space. You want to stack your boxes and furniture as much as you can, so all the available space in your unit gets used up.

5. Use Bubble Wrap and Blankets

As you pack your belongings, you should use bubble wrap to protect them from breaking. Also, padded blankets are great for protecting your furniture from scratches during the move. Another one of the top packing tips is to separate out your fragile items, so it’ll be easier to protect them.

6. Plan Ahead

When you prepare for your move to Cutler Bay, try to plan ahead as much as possible. Many moving companies and moving trucks are booked for weeks or months in advance, so you should always reserve your spot ahead of time. You’ll most likely need extra hands for the move, so get your friends to arrange for a day off as early as you can.

Prepare for Your Move to Cutler Bay

As you plan out your move to Cutler Bay, you may consider a self-storage solution. If so, Value Store can help. Thanks to our affordable prices, top-notch security, and protection plans, we are a popular destination for people who are new to the area. If you are looking for a storage solution, learn more about our Cutler Bay storage units today!