9 Clever Ideas for Decluttering and Organizing Your Garage

Garages are designed to protect vehicles, but many people don’t have room in theirs to even park a car. That’s because the garage often turns into more of a storage space. It becomes a place where all of the things that don’t fit in the house or aren’t used regularly go – and seem to […]

Our Favorite Florida Businesses of 2015

What would December be without a good ol’ year-end list? For this post we will be detailing some of our favorite businesses in the state in which most of our locations and client-base reside, so we are highlighting the best things that Florida has got to offer [besides VSI of course ;)]. Some of these you […]

Top 7 Finds from ‘Storage Wars: Miami’ Season 1

The first season of A&E’s new show Storage Wars: Miami wrapped up last week and in those 10 episodes we saw a feisty group of buyers & auctioneers placing their bets on lockers across Miami hoping they would find some treasure behind those doors. If we may point this out right now, we were actually […]

6 Tips for a Tidy College Dorm

Starting college this fall? Living in a dorm is the most convenient lifestyle you’ll ever have. You’ll be close to everything you need, from food, to friends, to classes, to study areas, to your part time job, to campus events. Adjusting to dorm life can be a little difficult, though, if you’ve never shared a […]

Organizing Your Storage for Hurricane Season

With big storms common in much of Florida all summer long, seasonal storage is a good solution for items you normally keep outside in the yard. It is important that you can securely store items against the possibility that a storm could blow these items into your windows, or risk items away into the ocean. What […]

Moving Equipment for an Easier Move

Moving is hard enough when you are relying on yourself and maybe a few helpful family members or friends. The right equipment can make the process easier and less strenuous, and that equipment is readily available for sale or for rent if you know what to look for and where to look for it. Moving […]

Safely Clean Out Old OTC Medications and Prescription Drugs

Almost everyone has a stash of medications somewhere in his or her house. It’s easy to collect a supply of pain pills, indigestion tablets, allergy pills and more in a drawer or cupboard. What about that prescription your doctor gave you months ago and that still has a few pills left in it? It’s important […]

Storing Your Art Pieces

Temporary storage of art treasures requires you to take a few precautions in order to keep your paintings and canvases from deteriorating. If you are moving house or need a place to stash personal items for a short amount of time—including art you have collected or created—you can do so with minimal fuss. Remember, however, […]

Prepping Your Outdoor Furniture for the Season

It’s time to pull out of storage all your outdoor furniture and get it ready the fresh days of spring and the long, lazy days of summer. Spend a little time on spring fix-ups and you’ll have less to do a few months from now when fall is turning back into winter and you’re getting […]

Safely Storing Your Family Photographs

Digital photography may be the wave of the future (and the present), but chances are that you still have a collection of paper photos in your home. Family photographs connect you to family and friends in a unique way, preserving memories in color or black and white for generations to come. They are treasures, and […]

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