Household Organization Tips: Closet Organizing, Part I

Closet Organization One of the keys to living a relaxed, productive life is organizing your closet space. When your belongings are not where you need them to be (and where you know you can find them) it creates stress, frustration, and can make you run late. If you are looking all over your apartment for an umbrella when you walk out the door on a rainy day, you’ve misplaced your keys, or you can’t remember where you put the scissors when you get a package in the mail, it creates inefficiency and lost time. The secret to keeping track of things lies in the way you organize these things for daily life. You will feel more organized once you master the correct use of closet space, whether it’s an armoire in a small apartment or a large walk-in closet in a sprawling home in the suburbs. 

These are the key elements of closet organization, culled from dozens of household organizing experts:

  • Take One Closet At A Time 
  • Within a few weeks you will have a much more organized house and a less stressful daily routine. Do not try to organize several areas at once. Focus on one at a time whether it is one per month one per week or one per day if you have just moved into a home.


  • Determine The Proper Use Of Closet Space.
  • If it is a hall closet designed for coats and boots, do not to store things you don’t actually need on the way out the door. You will have to just push past art supplies or folding chairs to get to the things you really need each day.


  • Weed out your belongings.
  • You can toss out items you don’t need, donate them to charity, or pass them along to a friend who could use them. Having extra items in your closet means you’re wasting time every time you sift through things to find what you need. The fewer the belongings in your closet, the easier it will be to find everything you need. Here is the best strategy for sorting through your belongings in a closet. Get four laundry baskets or large boxes. Label one “Keep/Storage,” one “Put Away in Closet,” one “Throw Away,” and one “Donate to Charity.” Sort out everything in your closet. Put stored items in another area of the house or in a climate-controlled storage unit. When you’re done, you’ll have a much cleaner and more spacious closet.


  • Make use of all the space in the closet.
  • Most closets have a hanging rack that only utilizes about a third of the available space, unless you are hanging full-length dresses or coats. Use Storage cubes for shoes stacked on the floor, install a shelf if it would be helpful, and add a second hanging rack if needed because that will double your hanging space.


Ready to get started on organizing your closet? Check back on this blog for more closet organizing tips in our next blog post, Closet Organizing Part II. Once you’ve implemented all 8 strategies for taming closet disorder, you’ll have tidy, organized closet space that welcomes you home. In the mean time, you can check out the climate-controlled storage units in your area at Value Store It.