Garage Sale Storage: What To Sell and What Not To Sell At A Garage Sale (and Store It Instead)

Garage Sale

An average, 690,000 people buy an item at a garage sale, which totals over $4 million in revenue every week! This number seems even more staggering when you know that the average price of each item is a lowly 85 cents.

To get in on the action, all you have to do is sell your unused or underused stuff to someone else who will appreciate it more than you. Here’s what to sell and what not to sell at a garage sale, as well as what to do with the stuff you want to store instead.

What to Sell at a Garage Sale

When you’re ready to clear out space in your attic, basement, closets, and/or garage, a garage sale is a great idea because you’ll not only feel more comfortable at home, but will make a little money on the side as well.

Value Store It suggests you consider selling the following types of items:

  • Furniture: The bigger the better.
  • Baby items: Just make sure they are clean and in good working order.
  • Toys: These are a big draw for the younger crowd that tags along.
  • Bikes: All sizes are sought after.
  • Sports/exercise equipment: Anything from treadmills to golf clubs should sell.
  • Tools: Power tools sell especially well.
  • Electronics/appliances: Put out an extension cord so buyers can test that they work.
  • Entertainment items: Popular books, games, and DVDs are great for others to buy.
  • Designer brands: Gently used clothing, shoes, and bags will be bought.

What Not to Sell at a Garage Sale

Knowing what not to sell at a garage sale is half the battle. Here are some tips from Value Store It:

  • Trash: Here’s a hint, if you wouldn’t consider buying a particular item, chances are that no one else will either.
  • Sentimental objects: If something brings back good memories or is special to your family, give it to someone else who will appreciate its sentimental value.
  • Valuable/rare collectibles: You’ll get more money if you sell these to a professional collector on eBay or at a local shop.
  • Anything you’ll want or use later: Too often people get rid of things thinking they’ll never want or need it down the road. As long as you’re being honest and realistic about what you keep and why storing such things will pay off in the end.

Proper Storage Procedures

If you’re lacking in the space department at home but you have things you don’t want to sell or throw out, putting them away in a storage unit is the perfect solution. Whether its seasonal items (Christmas tree, surfboards, etc.), business goods (inventory, office supplies) or currently unused household furniture (sofa, washer/dryer), getting it out of your living space will feel really good.

If you have items that you don’t want to be sold in a garage sale, storage procedures are as follows:

  1. Reserve the right storage unit.
  2. Clean and pack your belongings.
  3. Stack-based on fragility and frequency of use.
  4. Consider a Protection Plan.

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