Fine China Storage: Everything You Need to Know

Fine China

We’ve all seen the wedding registry lists for fine china. But no one talks about the intricacies of care and storage when it comes to china.

Where do you start? And what are the best methods? Here’s everything you need to know about the best way to store fine china.

But First, What Exactly Is Fine China?

Categorically, fine china refers to formal dinnerware. It is usually reserved for special occasions because of its delicate nature and because it often carries emotional significance from a wedding or other important event.

Breaking out the fine china can often elevate a casual get-together to a more polished party. Fine china is often a point of pride for hosts who value the artistic aspects of the pieces.

But all parties must end, and your fine china must be safely stored in the meantime. While older generations would buy large pieces of furniture like glass cabinets to showcase their china, newer generations prefer more efficient storage solutions like self-storage locations.

The Basics of Storing Fine China

When Do You Need to Store It?

People often store their fine china between uses (parties, events, special occasions). Even if they choose to keep their fine china on display in their home, they will usually need to store their items during a residential move.

When a family member or friend passes and leaves their china to relatives, there is usually a period of storage in the transition to its new owners as well.

So how do you begin?

Fine China Storage

How to Store Fine China

First, you’ll need to invest in a few items to help you in this process:

  • Packing materials: butcher paper, bubble wrap, cardboard dividers
  • Organizational materials: labels, markers
  • Containers: cardboard boxes, plastic containers

It is really important that you individually wrap each of your pieces of china to protect against damage and breakage. Bubble wrap is thicker and stronger that butcher paper, so it can be especially effective in preventing any accidents.

Organizational items are key to keeping everything straight during a hectic time like a move. They can be especially helpful when visiting a storage unit in preparation for a special event or party, because you can simply grab and go with what you need instead of searching box by box.

And experts recommend spending the extra money to get plastic containers to provide that extra level of protection for your delicate items.

Have some really pricey fine china that you would like to store, but you’re afraid of breakage? Check out The Container Store for piece-by-piece storage solutions, plastic containers, and more. You can find individual storage bags, silverware containers, and many other items to ensure that every piece has a place in your storage plan.

Specialty storage items can be especially useful for uniquely shaped fine china pieces, like gravy boats and wine glasses.

With these insights on how to store china dishes, you’ll be all set for the next step: where to store them.

Where to Store Fine China

Because younger generations are opting for smaller spaces and less material goods, items like fine china are more considered more appropriate to keep outside the home rather than in a costly display case.

Storing fine china is simple – after you prepare your china for storage, you’ll carefully transport your items to your off-site storage location.

Be sure to pick a location that is conveniently accessible from your home, because you’ll probably retrieve it at least once a year for parties and social gatherings.

Many storage locations provide small spaces for those with minimal storage needs. And these spaces come with a lot more amenities than less-desirable alternatives like that back corner in your garage. Climate control, video monitoring, and on-site security can provide the protection that your expensive china needs.

If you enjoy displaying your china collection at home but you’re anticipating a move, off-site storage can be an excellent solution. Residential moves can be unpredictable with many moving parts – you don’t want the movers to accidently crunch your china box while they’re trying to move the washing machine. Better to safely tuck away your breakable china in a storage center than to risk possible breakage in all of the moving chaos.

Caring for Fine China

Caring for Fine China Before and After Storage

To preserve the value of your china, it’s important to care for your china when it’s not in storage too. It’s a good idea to regularly polish your china. Investing in polishing gloves and spray is a smart choice for the fine china owner. Between deep polishes, you can use silver dusters to provide a light refresh to your valued items.

But what about after the party is over? Get the food off the china, fast. But don’t reach for that dishwasher! It’s important to hand-wash your pieces and remove the food particles to preserve the quality and the integrity of your china.

And be sure to let your china air dry or carefully dry with a gentle hand towel before you put it away in storage. With these tips, your fine china will be sure to impress family and friends alike for years to come.

Choosing Your China Dish Storage Plan

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