SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program)

The Summer Youth Employment Program is administered by New Opportunities, Inc., with funding made available through Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board.

What is a Summer Job Worth?

SYEP provides summer work experience and wages for primarily low-income youth. SYEP operates on a large scale and allocates program slots through a lottery system. While summer jobs have the potential to provide youth with new skills, income, and a positive developmental experience that may in turn improve academic success, surprisingly little previous research has examined the impact of summer employment on students educational outcomes.

Summer Youth Employment Program 1 Summer Youth Employment Program 2

The Summer Youth Program (SYEP) applicant lottery causal estimates of the relationship between summer jobs and academic success.


This summer Value Store It Waterbury was proud to assist in developing good work habits, experience personal growth, and foster a sense of responsibility to three incredibly talented teens from the Waterbury area.


Although SYEP’s explicit goals focuses on workforce readiness rather than academics, the program may foster positive changes in attitude and/or behavior in a manner conducive to future engagement in school and success in the labor market.


We truly do look forward to being a part of the SYEP in the future and we wish Justice Maldonado, Jalisa Smith and Alan King the best of luck.