Summer Recreational Items That Are Perfect for Self-Storage

Summer is finally here! That means having fun in the sun with your summer recreational gear. No matter how big or small your home is, there never seems to be enough space for storing these items.

You want to be able to access them easily, but you don’t want them cluttering up your home. Who wants to park their car in the driveway because they filled their garage to the rafters with summer recreation equipment?

No one! (Especially on a rainy day.)

The best solution is to rent a self-storage unit or parking space from a facility you know you can trust to keep your possessions safe and secure and give you easy access to your stuff.

5 Summer Recreation Items to Keep in Your Self-Storage Unit

Keep your summer recreation gear safe and secure. Store your items in a self-storage unit or parking area and free up space in your home (and garage). You can store anything from camping gear to bicycles to recreation vehicles, like campers, jet skis, or motorcycles.

Here are some of the more popular summer recreation items people keep in their storage units:

1. RV Storage

RV storage is perfect for keeping your home-away-from-home secure during the summer season. Keeping your RV in self-storage will give you the peace of mind to know it is secure, not sitting alongside your house where anyone passing by can gain access.

When looking for RV storage, make sure the unit can accommodate the Class of RV you have. Check whether they offer covered parking or if your RV will remain parked outside in the elements. Some do not have covered parking for RVs, and you want to know that before you arrive.

When summer is over, and it’s time to store your RV away for the year, review these tips for storing your RV.

2. Watercraft and Boat Storage

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to head out on the water. That means accessing your watercraft any time you want to go out on your next watery adventure. Storage facilities are perfect for keeping your:

  • Kayaks
  • Fishing boats
  • Jet skis
  • Rafts
  • Yachts

Safety is essential when storing your boat for the season. You are not allowed to have flammable liquids or gases stored in your unit. If your boat storage is not outside, you may need to remove flammables from the watercraft.

3. ATVs and Dirt Bikes

When it’s time to store the ATVs and dirt bikes in the unit, you want a place that makes accessing these vehicles easy. If you have a trailer to haul your off-road vehicles, make sure the check that the storage unit can accommodate the trailer as well.

4. Pool Equipment

Everyone loves to spend summers in the pool, but nobody wants the gear to clutter up their home. Pack it up and send it to your storage unit! This allows you to access it easily when you have friends over or host a pool party.

Place smaller equipment like pool noodles or floaties in plastic containers for easy transport. To save even more space in your home, fill a plastic bin with all your (clean) pool accessories like beach towels and bathing suits. Keep separate containers for toys and cleaners. Bring these items home when needed.

You can also keep your pool cover in the storage unit during the summer. Simply bring it home to place over the pool in the fall and winter months.

5. Personal Storage Items

Summertime is when college students return home. What should you do with all their stuff? Simple. Get them a storage unit for the summer and keep their college clutter out of the house.

Other personal items you may need summer storage for include your seasonal wardrobe. Free up space in your closet by storing away your winter clothes and bringing out your sandals, hats, shorts, tank tops, and anything you need for the summer.

Some people even opt to swap out home decor items each season. Replace wind chimes with bird feeders. Bring home flower vases and toss a few throw blankets from the couch into bins and swap them out for summertime décor.

Summer Recreation Self-Storage Units in West Palm Beach, Wesley Chapel, and Cutler Bay

If you have limited space to store your summer recreation gear, consider renting a self-storage unit to remove the clutter in your indoor and outdoor spaces.

At Value Store It, our self-storage units are secure and easy to access. We have climate control units and drive-up storage options of various sizes to meet your needs.

Safely store summer items and access them easily when you want. Find a summer recreation self-storage unit in West Palm Beach, Wesley Chapel, or Cutler Bay today!