StorageTreasures Becomes Online Hub For Self Storage

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the ultimate self storage auction hunter? Now, there’s an online service offering info, schedules, and everything auction related. They also have courses available where you can learn about self storage and storage auctions.

In May, America’s largest website for self storage auction hunters,, reached the 500,000 member mark. The company reached half a million members in just over two years, and continues to grow at a brisk pace, adding hundreds of new members every day. The company began with a focus on providing storage auction information, schedules and updates, and since has branched out to online educational training for those looking to make full or part-time income buying and selling. In coming months, the company is set to launch a suite of additional free services, as well as several paid premium options to the public. The new site will include additional storage auction capabilities, as well as more features that help members go beyond the auction world to actually sell and profit from the items they acquire at auctions, garage sales and flea markets.

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