Four Items That Are Best Stored in Climate Controlled Storage


Storage Building


There are items that you can put into a storage unit without the concern of heat and moisture damage – ceramic knickknacks and dishes come to mind. But, there are other items that are very sensitive to changes in heat and moisture. If you’re putting any of the following items into storage in Miami, you might want to find a company that offers climate controlled storage to best protect your belongings.


Items that Need Climate Controlled Storage


· Artwork – When it comes to storing precious artwork, your best option to protect paintings, photography, and metal sculptures, is to invest in climate controlled storage. If a storage unit isn’t climate controlled, there’s a chance that your paintings could crack or distort, or that metal sculptures could corrode.


· Classic Cars – In the unpredictable and humid weather of Florida, there are places that offer climate controlled storage in Miami that can protect your prized classic car. The lower temperatures in climate controlled units protect your car’s interior from cracking or being affected by extreme weather.


· Wine – Changes in temperature can easily affect the quality and taste of wines, and for that reason, it is very important to have climate controlled storage for your wine collection. Some wines can handle storage in higher temperatures, but that is not true for most. Humidity affects the cork that is used to seal most bottles of wine. When corks dry out, they allow air into the bottle, which can cause wine to turn.


· Musical Instruments – Musical instruments made of wood are susceptible to shrinking and swelling in humid, warm conditions. Both shrinking and swelling can affect the vibrations through which the instruments produce sound. High humidity can cause strain on guitar and piano strings, while low humidity causes the tension on the strings to shrink.


If you have any of these items and are searching for storage in Miami, you’ll want to choose a company that offers units with climate controlled storage, to protect your investment. Learn more about Value Store It’s protection plan for your stored items and their options for climate controlled storage.


Image by: Harvard Forest