Banned Items You Can’t Store in Storage Units

Self storage isn't the place to store everything.

You’ve probably heard some crazy stories about what people say they’ve stored (or what they’ve done) in a storage unit. Storage units are relatively new in many countries, and even here in Florida they are still a new concept to some. If you break the rules on what to store in a storage unit, you’re violating the contract and can face penalties. Here is a list of banned items you can’t store in a storage unit.

Plants — Since there is no light, plants will die in a storage unit. In addition, storing plants in a storage unit will introduce a high humidity level in the unit that can be a breeding ground for mold and will attract all sorts of pests. If you don’t know what to do with your old houseplants, please give them to a friend or plant them in a back yard. Don’t try to store them (even for a few days) in a storage unit.

Animals — No, you can’t use your self-storage unit as a barn or as a place to raise chickens. Believe it or not, people have tried this before. Please remember that storage units are not designed to be living quarters for people or animals.

People — Attempting to live in a storage unit violates the law in several ways and anyone attempting to do so will be kicked out.

Loaded Weapons — Your local storage unit manager can explain the laws on whether storing guns is allowable in your area, but you definitely cannot store them in a loaded state.

Combustible or Toxic Materials — A storage unit isn’t a chemistry lab, so please keep items that could cause an explosion or be potentially toxic out of your unit.

Fragranced Items — Storing scented soaps and lotions will attract pests, which will then in turn damage your belongings.

Wet Items — If you toss a wet rag in the corner of your storage unit, you’re going to start growing a mold farm. Please only store dry items in the unit and avoid moving things into your unit on a rainy day if you can’t keep them dry.

Fireworks — If a fire ever breaks out, your fireworks could trigger an explosion. Fireworks cannot be stored in a storage unit.

Stolen or Illegal Items — A storage unit isn’t a pirate cave, folks. If it isn’t your rightful property, don’t try to store it away. Storage center managers work with law enforcement regularly to keep the units clean and above board.

If you have any questions about what you can and can’t store in a storage unit, please contact us at We look forward to helping you with your storage needs.