Celebration, FL City Guide: Must-Experience Local Activities

The city’s name already says it all. As a master-planned community, Celebration radiates a picture-perfect, small-town vibe. And since Disney developed the city, you’ll find plenty of local activities in Celebration, FL. There’s always something new to experience. Check out our city guide below and align with the vibrant city’s namesake.

Dining in Celebration

Celebration offers a wide range of cuisines, including American, Japanese, and even Thai cuisine. The various options will surely satisfy your culinary cravings. Some of the must-try dining destinations for food lovers include:

  • Ari Sushi: Craving authentic Japanese cuisine? Ari Sushi serves Japanese delicacies ranging from baby octopus appetizers to salmon teriyaki. They specialize in themed sushi such as Beauty and Beast, TNT Crunch, and Godzilla.
  • Market Street Diner: If you’re more into contemporary, diner-style restaurants, Market Street Diner won’t disappoint you. Southern chicken and meatloaf are some of the family favorites on their menu. You can even choose to customize the burgers.
  • Kilwin’s Ice Cream Parlor: Indulge your sweet tooth with ice cream, shakes, and sundaes at the crowd favorite, Kilwin’s Ice Cream Parlor. They make these handcrafted treats the traditional way – right in front of you.
  • Thai Thani: You don’t have to travel to Thailand to experience their exquisite cuisine. Thai Thani serves authentic Thai dishes in a traditional and welcoming setting. Check them out for your spicy noodle and fried rice fix.

Celebration Nightlife

Celebration, FL, is bustling both day and night. After a day of enjoyment, you can continue the fun before hitting the sack. Some of the famous destinations that bring life to Celebration’s nights include:

  • Celebration Town Tavern: If you want to unwind with a few rounds of beer, Celebration Town Tavern has you covered. Dubbed as the beer drinker paradise, they offer 99 varieties of bottled beers and more than a dozen different draft options.
  • Imperium Food and Wine: Do you prefer wine over beer? Sipping your favorite wine while you relax is possible at Imperium Food and Wine. Aside from their wide selection of 80 different wines, they also have live entertainment featuring local artists and musicians.
  • Front Porch Theater: While movie theaters are popular gathering places in the evenings, Front Porch Theater takes the enjoyment further. This establishment also hosts theatrical performances, concerts, and art shows.

Celebration Attractions

Celebration is a city envisioned by Walt Disney, so it’s only natural that you’ll find many great attractions in the area.

  • Walt Disney World: One day is not enough to experience the magic of Disney World, which includes everything from amusement rides to world-class entertainment. The best part is that you can always visit anytime if you’re residing in Celebration.
  • Celebration Downtown: The entire city of Celebration is an attraction in itself. With its well-planned architectural designs, spending time strolling the downtown area will transport you to 1950s suburban living.
  • Celebration Golf Club: If you enjoy golf and want to play it in a lush and seemingly natural landscape, Celebration Golf Club is the place to go.

Shopping in Celebration

Shops crowd the downtown area, but Market Street is Celebration’s primary shopping district. You’ll find clothing boutiques for all ages, as well as unique stores like a bakery designed for dogs.

Aside from home décor and jewelry shops, Market Street Gallery features a Christmas room where you can experience the festive holiday any time of the year.

Experience the Magic of Celebration

Celebration, FL, has a lot more to offer aside from these establishments. There are various annual events, such as Oktoberfest and Now Snowing. Whether you’re new to town, or simply ready to maximize your space at home, Value Store It offers various storage spaces personal and business storage needs.

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