Wine Storage Facility in Allston, Massachusetts

Wine and Cold Storage Locker Sizes

Wine and Cold Storage Locker Sizes

  • 4'x4' - up to 24 standard wine cases
  • 8'x4' - up to 140 standard wine cases
  • 5'x7' - up to 165 standard wine cases
  • 4'x9' - up to 168 standard wine cases
  • 6'x8' - up to 200 standard wine cases
  • 7'x7' - up to 245 standard wine cases
  • 8'x7' - up to 280 standard wine cases
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Wine Storage Units for Rent in Allston, Massachusetts

Hosting wine tasting parties and celebrating your home brews is a mark of refinement, but don’t let your enthusiasm for the brew clutter up your everyday space. You can store your growing collection of wines and other brews in a climate-controlled storage unit at Value Store It. At our wine storage facilities in Allston, Massachusetts, we have specially designed wine and cold storage units available in several sizes. These units are designed to keep your wines at a constant, optimal temperature and humidity level to secure your investment.

Tips for Wine Storage

When you’re storing wine, you need to keep these three key things in mind:

Storage Tips


Store wine at a constant temperature between 55ºF to 65ºF. If the temperature is too cold or too warm or changes too rapidly or too frequently, it can damage the quality of the wine. Our wine storage units are climate-controlled with perforated doors to promote airflow for optimum temperature and humidity throughout the space.

Storage Tips


Humidity should be considered when storing your wine long-term. It is recommended you keep your wine storage between 50 and 80% humidity. Outside that range, dryness could damage the cork and allow air into the bottles, while too much moisture can contribute to the growth of mold.

Storage Tips


Keep wine bottles out of direct sunlight, since UV rays can injure the flavor of the wine. Our wine vault is fitted with motion-sensors and timers to minimize ambient light.

Storage Tips


Wine bottles should be stored on their sides so that the cork doesn’t dry out. Bring a shelf or wine storage rack into your wine storage unit to make sure they’re stored safely.

Storage Tips


When transporting, storing, and sampling your wine, do not shake the wine bottles or subject them to intense vibrations or shock. Doing so could agitate any precipitate at the bottom and give the wine an unpleasant texture.

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Value Store It in Allston, MA offers wine storage solutions to fit all your storage needs, whether you are storing your vintage collection or homebrews. In a climate-controlled unit, your wines will be kept at a constant temperature and the optimal humidity level to best protect and enrich your collection.

If you could benefit from a dedicated wine cellar for your collection, contact Value Store It. We have a specially designed wine storage facility and walk-in cold storage lockers in Allston, Massachusetts.