Wine Storage in Allston, Massachusetts

Wine and Cold Storage Locker Sizes

Wine and Cold Storage Locker Sizes

  • 4'x4' - up to 24 standard wine cases
  • 8'x4' - up to 140 standard wine cases
  • 5'x7' - up to 165 standard wine cases
  • 4'x9' - up to 168 standard wine cases
  • 6'x8' - up to 200 standard wine cases
  • 7'x7' - up to 245 standard wine cases
  • 8'x7' - up to 280 standard wine cases
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Value Store It in Allston, MA introduces Wine Storage of Boston, which offers wine storage solutions for wine collectors, wine makers, wine distributors, and restaurants. In a secure climate-controlled unit, your wines will be kept at a constant temperature and the optimal humidity level to best protect and enrich your collection. You will feel confident knowing that your wine collection is protected and secure.

Wine Storage of Boston

Your home, restaurant, or business typically cannot provide the conditions needed for proper wine storage. Value Store It has created the ideal wine storage conditions at our storage facility, guaranteeing Wine Storage of Boston as the best deal in town.

Temperature and Humidity

For Optimum quality, your wines should be stored at 55-58°F and a relative humidity of 60-70%. The proper humidity range prevents mold and mildew as well as drying out of the cork. The cooler temperatures help slow the aging process and neither “cooks” nor “freezes” the wine.


Light can pose a potential problem for long term storage, breaking down the complex molecules that create special flavors in properly aged wine. Wine storage units feature motion-activated lighting so your wine is exposed to a minimum amount of ultraviolet light. Minimizing the effects of light exposure during wine storage enhances the quality.

Delivery Receiving

We understand that rearranging your schedule to receive wine shipments at home can be a hassle. The less time your wine spends on a delivery vehicle the better. At Wine Storage of Boston, we take the hassle of receiving incoming wine shipments. Simply use our address for all your retail and club shipments and have them delivered right into perfect storage conditions. Once we have received your shipment, we will place it in your personal locker or in our holding locker. Either way you choose, we will send you an email notifying you of your wine’s arrival.


Having a wine collection outside of immediate reach can be a bit unnerving. Security is an important issue and a top priority. Our secure storage facilities feature stat-of-the-art safety measures. All entrance points to the building and wine storage units are monitored by camera 24 hours a day.

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Wine Storage of Boston offers wine storage solutions to fit all your storage needs, whether you are storing your vintage collection or homebrews. In a climate-controlled unit, your wines will be kept at a constant temperature and the optimal humidity level to best protect and enrich your collection.

If you could benefit from a dedicated wine cellar for your business or private collection, contact Wine Storage of Boston located at Value Store It. We have all new specially designed wine storage facility lockers in Allston, Massachusetts. We are open seven days a week and will gladly accept any wine deliveries on your behalf. We invite you to stop in and take a tour.