Why You Should Put Your Unused Clothes in Storage



Sometimes it can be hard to manage clothing collections throughout the year, especially if you’re dealing with limited storage space in your home. You don’t have to get rid of the clothes you love when space is tight though – put your unused clothing into storage instead, to protect it while you’re wearing other items you’ve collected. Here are several reasons why one should consider self storage for your clothing items.


1. You have limited storage space. This may be the biggest reason people put their clothing into storage. When a home is small and doesn’t have adequate storage space, clothes take up a lot of room and can make it more difficult to find the item one is looking for. Putting clothing that you don’t want to give away into storage gives you more room to work with.


2. You don’t wear sweaters and bulky coats year-round. Along the lines of the tip above, seasonal clothing takes up a lot of room. You may love your angora wool sweaters and thick scarves during the winter months, but do you wear them in the spring and summer? Probably not.


3. Your older children have outgrown their clothing and your younger children can’t wear them just yet. Buying clothing for kids can be expensive and time consuming. If you have more than one child and your oldest is outgrowing items quickly, you might want to consider putting them into storage until your younger kids can take advantage of their older sibling’s growth spurt. It’ll save you time and money in the long run.


4. You’ve made a career change and you don’t need your business suits at the moment. If you’re embarking on a new work path, but you’re not sure if you’ll return to your previous career, you might want to put those suits into storage. It can be expensive to rebuild a professional wardrobe.


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Image By : Liz