What to Look For When Choosing Self Storage Units in Miami

self storage units in miami

When you’re planning to rent self storage units in Miami because you’re getting ready to move or you need more space in your current home, it can be difficult to determine what the right size of that space should be. If you ask, you’ll get multiple suggestions on the best way to figure that out, but it’s helpful to have a single guide to make that choice. Here are a few guidelines to remember.


Guidelines to Help Determine the Right Storage Unit Size


5 x 5 unit: A storage unit that measures 5 feet by 5 feet is typically the smallest of storage units in Miami. These hold an assortment of small items – from small appliances to electronics to small furniture items, like chairs and chests of drawers.


5 x 10 unit: The next size up, this unit can hold slightly larger items – a couch, bicycles, lawn equipment, even a motorcycle.


10 x10 unit: Ten feet by ten feet storage units in Miami are great to hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment. A washer and dryer, dining and bedroom furniture will easily fit into this storage unit.


10 x 15 unit: This storage unit is the perfect size to hold the items that filled a 1-2 bedroom house. Appliances, furniture from the living and bedrooms, as well as a dining set will fit into this particular storage unit.


10 x 20 unit: This is typically the largest of the indoor storage units in Miami. For customers looking to store the contents of a two or three bedroom home, this is a good size. In addition to the typical boxes and appliances, this large unit can be held to store a vehicle, boat or small trailer.


If these attributes are important to you when you’re choosing self storage units in Miami, you might want to consider the storage units and services at Value Store It to keep your items safe and sound.


Image by : Scott Meyers