What Shouldn’t You Put Into Storage in Miami Beach?

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While obtaining a storage unit in Miami Beach can be a convenient and cost-effective method of stowing away your personal belongings, you should avoid putting certain things into storage. In addition to site-specific restrictions, keep in mind these general categories of items that are not fit for public storage.


Hazardous Materials

This includes combustible, flammable, toxic, or otherwise hazardous materials. Simply put, storing these items puts you and everyone else in the facility in danger. Examples of such items include:

  1. Gasoline
  2. Propane tanks
  3. Fireworks and other explosives
  4. Weapons or ammunition

Harmful Medical Items

While you will want to check with your specific Miami Beach storage facility, it’s probably best to avoid storing dangerous or prohibited medical materials in your unit. Examples of such items include:

  1. Devices with a radiological or nuclear medicine component (for example, x-ray machines)
  2. Medical waste
  3. Prescription drugs

These items are likely prohibited by law and may pose significant safety concerns for other customers.



While a storage facility may be a convenient place to store an oversupply of bottled water or canned foods, avoid storing perishable goods. Such items include:

  1. Cereal
  2. Meats or fishes
  3. Milk or juices
  4. Produce

These items may spoil and become a health hazard for others using the same storage facility.


The Obvious

While the above categories are important, there are some self-evident items you should always avoid placing in storage. Storing these items implicates considerable legal and health concerns, and it’s best to avoid doing so altogether. This category includes:

  1. Illegal items (for example, drugs or stolen goods)
  2. Living things (animals or plants)
  3. Items with a strong odor
  4. Anything that needs to be plugged in (for example, a freezer with food in it)

If you have any questions about what items are appropriate for public storage, speak with the staff at your local Miami Beach storage facility.