Value Store It – Transitions to Work – August Newsletter

Employing Individuals of All Abilities

 Summer Interns

Summer vacation has different meanings for each individual. For twelve young adults with disabilities in Florida, it has meant a paid summer internship at a Value Store It facility owned and operated by Todd Ruderman. The summer interns participate in the YMCA Support Training and Employment Program which has placed 40 young adults in South Florida in paid summer internships. Hiring summer interns was an easy next step for Todd Ruderman who is a big supporter of the University of Miami-NOVA Southeastern Center for Autism and Related Disabilities and the Dan Marino Foundation. Ruderman was the first employer to join Project EAARN (Employment for Adults with Autism Resource Network) and has hired 4 permanent young adults with disabilities in his six Value Store It facilities.  Ruderman leads by example to demonstrate hiring young adults with disabilities is a win-win scenario for both employees and employers. Employees learn new skills, increase independence, boost self-esteem, and improve their quality of life. Companies such as Value Store It benefit from great employees, increased profitability through improved employee retention, better company morale, customer support, and positive community visibility. Offering summer internships is also a great way for the employer and employee to get to know each other and is something for all companies to consider. 

 Employer Partner Tools

Transitions to Work is excited to be partnering with so many wonderful employers like Value Store It that embrace inclusivity and empower and employ individuals of all abilities. Transitions to Work has created door stickers, website logos, and flyers of the image below that it will soon be distributing to its employer partners who have interviewed, hired and engaged Transitions to Work graduates, empowering them to become qualified and committed employees. We hope you will display it proudly!