Travel Tips for Staying Organized

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Do you have a season full of traveling coming up? Many people travel frequently throughout summer or winter. Some travel frequently due to business travel or pleasure. Some lucky people live in resorts or boats for part of the year. However, it’s no surprise that staying organized during periods of frequent travel can be a challenge. Here are key tips for staying organized while traveling.

Schedule one day in 10 for downtime and routine tasks.

On this day you will pay bills, reorganize suitcases and luggage, send out laundry or wash it yourself, take care of shopping and errands, and do other tasks that you often don’t have time for when you’re traveling. Some people like to do these types of tasks once a week but at the very least you need to get to it at least once every 10 days. Make sure you keep bills organized and have them all sending to one place, whether that’s an email, a PO Box, your business address, or other easily accessible address.

Keep a list of contacts handy at all times.

Having a list of contacts to reach out to if you need someone to check on your apartment or grab something for you out of your storage unit is essential, particularly if you’re living out of the country and have limited storage space at your temporary home. You need a trusted person who can keep track of duplicate copies of important documents in case you lose your luggage. If you are traveling for an extended period of time for work, there will be times you may feel isolated or cut off from friends and family at home. Having a list of contacts handy will also help with this. Reach out to friends or family every few days at least so you can maintain relationships. If you have a significant other, try to email, Skype, or call them to them at least once a day. Studies show that just having photos of family members in your hotel room when you’re traveling can decrease stress and increase feelings of love and connectedness.

Store valuable items in a personal storage unit before you begin your journey.

Renting a climate-controlled storage unit is the best place to keep valuable items that could be damaged or stolen. Fine art, wines, and even books and paper files can be damaged if they’re left in a friend’s attic or left in a vacation cottage during parts of the year. Having everything rounded up in one location can help you protect your valuables and decrease anxiety while traveling. It helps you categorize your belongings before “shipping off” to your new location. Storing these items can make it easier to move back into your home or apartment once you return from an extended out of town work assignment (it’s easier to keep these things in one spot than stored in friends’ garages while you’re out of the country). If you take the time to move your belongings into a storage unit prior to departure you can also consider renting out your property while you are away if you will be gone for an extended period of time.
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