Top Ways to Make Over Your Closet

Closet Organization

Is your closet overflowing? Can’t get your drawers open anymore because they’re stuffed with clothes you hardly wear anymore? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make over your closet, without spending much time or money.

Store Items You’re Not Wearing

An easy solution to clear up quick space in your closet and drawers is to store items you aren’t going to wear this season. For instance, storing your summer clothes when winter rolls around will clear up space and help you get a better grasp of what your winter wardrobe consists of. Pack your wardrobe carefully, using wardrobe boxes, sturdy containers, and/or large vacuum-sealed space saver bags. These will keep your items well protected both in and out of storage.

Hidden Storage Options

If you haven’t taken advantage of the space under your bed, above dressers, and in the linen closet, see how you can maximize space. Most professional organizers agree that you take up more space by storing your shoes on the bottom of the closet than you would storing them vertically. Investing in a vertical hanging shoe organizer can get your shoes off the floor, better organize them, and even serve as extra storage. You can even fill the shoe organizer with empty shoeboxes, which you can use as instant pull out drawers for socks, scarves, ties, and other small items. You can then use the floor space for infrequently used items and the overhead space for handbags.

What to Purchase

You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to make over your closet. By purchasing some affordable plastic containers with sturdy lids and labels, you can better organize your closet and storage unit. You can also purchase affordable hooks (some can even be stuck onto the closet walls with removable tape), which can be used to hang scarves or jewelry. You may also want to invest in clear shoe drawers, which clearly display what is inside and create instant space.

Get Rid of the Bulk

Space-saving hangers (such as slim velvet hangers) and add-on hangers can save space, compared to larger wooden or plastic hangers. For most people, their bulkiest items are overcoats, so removing those items will remove the majority of the bulk. Place a hook outside your closet door or bedroom door where you can hang overcoats, robes, and any other bulky items that simply won’t fit in your closet or coat closet.

Additional Ideas

Pinterest has endless ideas for additional ways to make over your closet, while showing off your personal style. While you’re clearing out your closet, set aside items that can be sold, as well as items to be donated, in order to save you time and more space later. If you haven’t worn items in more than a year, chances are you won’t miss them after selling or donating them. Contact Value Store It to reserve a storage unit today to begin clearing out and making over your closet.