Self Storage Protection Plan Features Explained

Self Storage Protection

Storms. Airplane and car crashes. Civil unrest. Chances are, you’re not thinking about these situations when you go to rent a self storage unit Fort Lauderdale, FL. But, someone else is. Owners of self storage companies want your items to be safe when you leave them, and many offer protection plans as part of your storage unit rental. So what do those plans really give you?

   · Protection from Damage Due to the Elements. These plans provide protection from damage due to roof collapses due to the weight of ice, for damage from hurricanes, tornadoes and extreme weather (except floods). If your items are damaged by water (except flooding), you’ll be reimbursed to replace your items.

  · Protection against Vermin-Related Damage. Value Store It provides exceptional pest control throughout their many facilities, reducing the likelihood of pest or vermin-related damage. With the Value Protection Plan, you will have added confidence that your belongings will be protected, even against moth, insects or other vermin.

  · Protection from Human-Caused Damage. However unlikely it may be, you never know when someone will crash their car, or even when an airplane will crash into your storage unit. The Value Store It Protection Plan includes coverage for problems that occur when civil unrest breaks out, no matter how big your storage unit is or what you’ve stored inside.

  · Reimbursement When Your Items are Damaged. If your items are damaged by fire, earthquake, building or sinkhole collapse, there are protection plans that will pay to replace your items. The Value Store It Protection Plan will protect your items and reimburse you up to $15,000 if your belongings are damaged.

Many self storage companies in Fort Lauderdale require renters to have protection for their items. Whether you choose the company’s offered plan or have a separate insurance policy that protects your belongings, you must have some protection. This protection will help you maintain confidence in the storage facility you have selected.

Image : Ecossystems