Five Tips to Prepare for Spring Cleaning


spring cleaning

Spring is here! If you know that you’re eager to begin your spring cleaning and are looking for simple ways to organize and refresh your living spaces, consider these five tips.

  1. Create a List of Areas to Clean and an Overall Plan. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of spring cleaning, creating a list of specific things that you need to clean can help you focus on the big picture and not just specific projects.
  2. Gather Your Supplies. You won’t be able to get the job done if you don’t have the necessary tools, cleaners and supplies. If you plan to swap items out, this is the time purchase the new curtains or bedclothes.
  3. Gather Bags and Boxes to Separate Your Items. It’s a common tip, but if you separate out your items into boxes to keep, throw away or donate, it’s easier to pare down your items.
  4. Create a Playlist and Recruit Help. Make your spring cleaning fun. Sometimes the best way to complete this job is to do it while singing along with the music you enjoy. You may also want to bring in some help – extra hands help you get the job done more quickly and make it more interesting and fun.
  5. Dig in and Get Started. Once you’ve done the work to prepare, there’s nothing left but to jump right in and get started. Sometimes it helps to set a time limit for each room and focus, then move on to a new room.

If your spring cleaning plans include removing cherished items from your home, you’ll need indoor storage. The best way to protect those pieces is to create an inventory, properly pack those items and rent the appropriate sized storage unit to accommodate your belongings while de-cluttering your home.


Image by : tusnelda