Five Tips for Storing Your Old Books



For voracious readers, books are an extremely important part of life. If you’re one of those individuals and find that you have more books than you have space for, instead of getting rid of your cherished tomes, it might be time to store them away someplace safe. Consider these self storage tips to pack and protect your books while in storage.


Preparation and Self Storage Tips for Your Book Collection


1. Make sure your books are clean.You’ll want to make sure that your books are free of dirt, bookmarks and especially flower cuttings or plant remnants. These items are often placed into books to mark a place or press memorable flowers, but the acid in these items can damage book pages.


2. Choose the correct boxes for storage. Storage experts suggest that you pack books into small boxes, because larger boxes get heavy fast, and you might struggle to carry them. Choose lignin-free, chemically purified cardboard boxes that are study.


3. Pack books by genre or category and keep a list. This will help you to find specific books at a later date. Not only that, but if there’s a problem and your books are damaged, you’ll have an itemized list to give your insurance company.


4. Pack books of similar sizes together. This helps to keep the weight of the boxes down and it helps to efficiently fill your storage boxes.


5. Put boxes of hardback books on the bottom of a stack of boxes. This lessens the chance of injury as you remove boxes from piles.


For more self storage tips, consider the items listed here. Following the tips outlined above and those on the linked page just might help you keep your prized book collection protected and in near-pristine condition until you can pull them out of storage once more.


Image by : Moyan Brenn