Prepping Your Outdoor Furniture for the Season

It’s time to pull out of storage all your outdoor furniture and get it ready the fresh days of spring and the long, lazy days of summer. Spend a little time on spring fix-ups and you’ll have less to do a few months from now when fall is turning back into winter and you’re getting […]

Safely Storing Your Family Photographs

Digital photography may be the wave of the future (and the present), but chances are that you still have a collection of paper photos in your home. Family photographs connect you to family and friends in a unique way, preserving memories in color or black and white for generations to come. They are treasures, and […]

4 Life Hacks for Moving

Relocating you, your family, and all your possessions isn’t a simple process unless you can stuff everything you own into a single duffle bag. For the other 99.99% of us, moving is going to take some planning, preparation, and a lot of sweaty labor. You probably already know some of the basics for making your […]

Tips for Business Owners: Using Self-Storage to Your Advantage

Office space is always at a premium, so if you work in a small, medium, or even a large space without the option to expand, you may be running out of creative solutions for storing all the stuff that is essential for your business. Documents, furniture (including seasonal furniture), filing cabinets, and more may be […]

Value Store It Featured in OpenTech Alliance

How Value Store It Continues to Keep Costs Low without Sacrificing Quality Value Store It was recently interviewed in the storage industry publication OpenTech Alliance for their innovative use of technology in collecting overdue rent payments. By utilizing OpenTech’s new collections product XpressCollect, Value Store It collected over $21,000 in delinquent payments without the need […]

Cleaning and Storing Window Blinds

Window blinds and ceiling fans are often two of the dustiest items in your house. Unless you are vigilant about giving them a good dusting every week or so, blinds and fan blades collect a build-up of dust, dirt, and airborne particles that settle down and collect yet more dust and dirt. If you are […]

Organizing Your Kitchen Cupboards

It’s rare that anyone looks around their kitchen, throws up their hands, and says, “There’s just too much storage space!” If you are like most people, there’s never too much cupboard space. Fortunately, finding enough storage space can be as simple as carefully organizing where you put things along with some strategic editing. Evacuate the […]

Self Storage and Temperature Extremes

When you’re looking into self-storage, beware the burning heat and bitter cold. Temperature extremes can damage your belongings faster than anything except water. Here are self storage tips on preventing damage to your stored items due to temperature extremes. Assess Your Storage Needs The ability to store extra items outside of your home in a safe […]

The 5 Top Tools You Need for Smart Storage

Moving is exhausting, it’s time-consuming, and it’s emotionally draining. Packing all your possessions into boxes or bins and moving the stacks of stuff out of your domicile and into a new home or into a storage unit isn’t on anyone’s list of Fun Things to Do. But going into it prepared with the right tools […]

6 Top Moving Tips to Simplify Your Move

  Are you planning a move? Moving can be a stressful event that takes you months to recover from, or a good experience that brings you closer to your goals in life. The difference between a good move and a stressful move is usually the level of preparation you put into it. While there are a […]

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