Why You Need to Fully Insure Your Stored Items

For whatever reason you’re using a self storage unit (and Americans are using them more and more often for a variety of reasons), you are storing stuff because it has value to you. You are paying a monthly rental fee in order to keep your possessions, office documents, products, or whatever in a secure location. […]

The Best Apps for Packing and Organization

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just trying to wrap your head around the monumental task of organizing all your stuff for a move (or for life), there’s an app for that. For the price of two or three dollars (or none at all! Woo-hoo!), you can create lists, remind yourself of small but vitally […]

Advice from Self Storage Pros

There are a few things self storage pros wish they had known the first time around. Fortunately, you can benefit from their wisdom when it comes to packing up and stashing extra office documents or getting ready for a move. Keep your belongings in tip-top shape with these two tips. Pallets Self storage experts stress […]

No Closets? How to Create Storage Space from Thin Air

Small apartments or older homes often come equipped with absolutely no closet space—or the closet space is much too small and inadequate for your needs. While you could buy a treadmill to act as a clothes horse in your room, there are better ways to sneak in storage without feeling like you’re living in a […]

Household Organization Tips: Closet Organizing, Part II

Getting your closets organized is a great way to eliminate stress, find items to donate to charity, and assess your storage needs. Once your closets are organized, you’ll find that your mornings run more smoothly and you can enjoy your possessions without fretting over where things are. This is part 2 in a series of […]

3 Clever Ways to Pack Large Items into a Storage Unit

Knowing how to pack large items into a storage unit will save you time and money. Along with  boxes of books, clothing, household items, and important documents, the next most frequently stored items that people need to put into their self-storage unit are furniture and appliances. Packing them in takes a little planning ahead, but […]

Maximizing Under-the-Bed Storage

Living an uncluttered life means finding good storage spots in every room, so that seasonal or infrequently used items have a tidy home when not in use. Utilizing the empty space under your bed is a smart way to neatly organize and store stuff. Whether your bed is a twin or a California king, you […]

Tips for Storing Valuables

It can be difficult to know how to store valuable items and keep them safe. What should you do with your oil paintings while you’re studying abroad? How can you protect important papers and photos that don’t fit into your studio apartment? There are many things you should consider when you’re storing valuable items such […]

FAQ About Self-Storage in South Florida

  Did you know that houses, apartments, and condos are built with less storage in Florida than most neighboring states? If you have a hard time fitting all of your belongings into that closet, or under the stairs closet, you aren’t alone! Floridians rank third in the nation for how often they use self-storage units. […]

Top Ways to Make Over Your Closet

Is your closet overflowing? Can’t get your drawers open anymore because they’re stuffed with clothes you hardly wear anymore? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make over your closet, without spending much time or money. Store Items You’re Not Wearing An easy solution to clear up quick space in your closet and drawers […]

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