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Transforming Your Spare Room Into a Safe, Clean Nursery for Baby

Ready or not, your sweet new addition to your family will be arriving soon. But you might be surprised at how much room a tiny baby needs. From furniture to toys to clothing and gear, your baby may have as much stuff in the house as you do – and they haven’t been born yet! […]

Easy Home Staging Tips

If you’ve ever felt a twitch of envy after watching a house hunting show on TV, you should know that those homes don’t look magazine-quality by accident. Unlike your own home, the houses featured in television shows and magazines have the backing of professionals who excel at home staging. In other words, the interiors of those […]

14 Spring Cleaning Tips

Summary: The days are starting to get longer and more sun is shining on those dirty spots around your house. Time for spring cleaning. Now is the time to get to all those items you have been putting off since the holidays and the New Year. Time to start cleaning what you need, organizing the […]

The 5 Elements of a Perfect Bedroom

Here’s hoping you spend at least 1/3 of your life in your bedroom sleeping soundly! Even if your sleep is less than ideal, creating a bedroom space that incorporates all the elements of quiet restfulness and relaxation is important for mental—and physical—rejuvenation. What you want is to include all the necessary elements of a great […]

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Living Space

Your living space should not be a home for extra junk but a serene, comfortable place for you to enjoy.   We humans collect stuff. Sometimes we collect stuff even when we are not trying to collect stuff: Shoes. Clothes. Books. Art. Memorabilia. Junk mail. Ceramic frogs. All that stuff can quickly overwhelm a living […]

Selling a Home: DIY Staging Tips

If there is one thing hours and hours of HGTV home buying and selling shows have taught their audience, it is that selling your home means putting it into its best possible light for potential buyers. Take Buying and Selling, for instance, in which twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott help couples spruce up their […]

Lighten Up Your House for Summer

When spring’s fresh breezes start fading into summer’s heat, the time has come to lighten things up around your home. Changing up some of your home’s décor to reflect a new season can lift your mood, but switching things up can also help you and your family feel cooler and more comfortable during hot summer […]