Avoiding These Problems is Worth the Trouble of Finding Climate Controlled Storage

Storage Unit

Climate control is not a feature you want to skip if you’re putting precious items, family heirlooms (including special bedding or handmade cloth items), electronics, records or even movies into storage units in Miami. If you find the right storage facility, you’ll find that climate control is an added value in their units. If you don’t have a unit with climate controlled storage, here are a few of the hazards you may face:


· Mold and mildew. Furniture and paper-based products can be affected by mold and mildew, which grow in warm, dark and moist places. Mold can ruin books and items made from fabric, like sheets, blankets and other papers. These can create stains and smells that you cannot remove from the fabric and paper.


· Moisture. Almost any amount of moisture, if exposed long enough, can cause serious harm to television sets, stereos and even computer equipment. Climate controlled storage limits the amount of moisture in a storage unit, thus limiting the damage to these items from moisture.


· Warping. Vinyl records, movies and other items can suffer warping when exposed to extreme temperatures for an extended period of time. This affects sound and image quality for movies and music, and can even cause distortion of images in artwork.


· Cracking and Flaking. If you’re storing paintings in a unit that does not have climate control, you may find that the image cracks and the paint even flakes off when left in a humid unit.



As you prepare to move your belongings into self-storage in Miami, Fl, you’ll want to consider use the right boxes and tape – size the boxes correctly and use durable paper tape that can keep heavy boxes shut. You’ll want to pack your storage unit correctly – utilizing vertical space, with the heaviest items on the bottom of the various stacks.


Image by : kid_pro_quo