A Brief Guide to Taking Your Boat Out of Storage



Spring is here and for many in Pompano Beach area that means it’s time to pull the boat out of storage and have some fun on the water. But, just as you should take care to prepare your boat when you’re putting it into storage, there are several steps you should take when you take your boat out of a storage unit. Consider these tips as you start your springtime fun on the water.


1. Thoroughly clean your boat.As a responsible owner, you probably cleaned your boat before you put it into storage, but during the time that it’s been stored, your boat has probably collected some dust and dirt from the air. Wipe down the interiors and spray off the exterior of the boat and it will sparkle when you hit the water.


2. Check hoses and electronics. Make sure that engine and fuel system hoses are in good repair. If they’re cracked or showing any signs of wear, replace them.


3. De-winterize the engine and charge the battery.Check the oil and replace or replenish if necessary; fill the cooling system and change your fuel filter. You’ll probably want to charge your battery, just to make sure that it doesn’t die and leave you stranded.


4. Check your safety equipment and replace it if necessary.Make sure that your life jackets, first aid kits, flares and fire extinguishers have not been stored past their expiration date. If that’s happened, replace each piece to ensure that they’ll function properly when you need them.


5. Test your engine before launch. Do this outside of your storage unit. Turn on your engine and let it run for several minutes.


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Image by : Greg Gjerdingen