5 Things You Didn’t Know About Self Storage Fort Lauderdale



There are many reasons that individuals might use self storage in Fort Lauderdale. While it seems like you probably know everything you need to about renting a unit, there are a number of things that you are probably not aware of. Here are a few things that you may not have known about self storage:

  1. It’s Easy to Reserve Your Unit and Pay Online.
    Today’s customers can choose the size of their storage unit online – using guides that suggest how much a well-organized and well-packed storage unit can hold. Not only that, but customers can pay their reservation fee and even their monthly rent through companies’ web sites.
  2. Local Facilities offer Storage for Businesses.
    Self storage units aren’t just for home or personal storage – customers can use these storage units for business-related documents and inventories as well. The climate controlled features units make self storage perfect to give business owners a bit more space for inventory.
  3. Document Storage for Businesses is Available.
    Paperwork can take up a lot of room in a business setting, space which can be better used for other things. Some self storage Fort Lauderdale companies offer services like digital document storage with 24/7 online access for customers.
  4. Storing Temperature Sensitive Items is Easy.
    If customers do their research, they’ll learn that some self storage Fort Lauderdale facilities offer units with climate control. Climate control is a great feature, especially for customers who are interested in storage for artwork, family documents or family heirlooms, even vehicles and boats.
  5. Protection Plans Give Peace of Mind.
    Many companies offer security, but some companies offer protection plans that cover the contents of your storage unit and protect from animals and insects and in some cases, damage and item loss.

If you’re ready to choose a self storage Fort Lauderdale provider that can offer online reservation and payments, business storage, document management, climate control and more, contact Value Store It today.


Image by : Scott Meyers